Jul 12, 2019, Spatial Statistics Conference; https://edzer.github.io/spasta/


  • data science, open data science
  • the Earth is round
  • Spatial data have support
  • big data, interoperability, and luxury problems?

What is data Science?


  • statististical understanding
  • data manipulation / software engineering skills
  • domain knowledge (understanding data)

into a single person. And then, what they do.

Bryan & Wickham, 2017

  • Data Science has at least one advantage over Statistics, which partially explains its existence. Re-defining an existing field like Statistics is terribly difficult, whereas it’s much easier to define something new from scratch.

  • We see a substantial mismatch between what is needed to learn from data and the much smaller subset of activity that is structurally rewarded in academic statistics today.

From: Jennifer Bryan, and Hadley Wickham, 2017. Data Science: A Three Ring Circus or a Big Tent? Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 26 (4) (part of a collection of discussion pieces on David Donoho’s paper "50 Years of Data Science".)